Is Jojo Siwa Pregnant? Debunking the rumors

In the world of famous people, there’s been a lot of talk about JoJo Siwa lately: Is she pregnant? Well, the simple answer is no. Jojo Siwa is not pregnant. Back in 2020, some videos on TikTok got everyone wondering if JoJo was pregnant, but she made it clear with a funny post that it wasn’t true.

Now, in 2024, people are talking about Jojo Siwa’s pregnancy again because of some funny pictures JoJo posted on Snapchat, making it seem like she might be pregnant. But after looking closer, it’s just JoJo joking around.

She’s more focused on her career and having fun, so there’s not any pregnancy news to worry about.

As we follow JoJo’s journey, it’s obvious she likes to keep things interesting. She’s got big plans for her future, and she’s always full of energy and talent. JoJo Siwa keeps on impressing us with her amazing spirit and all the things she can do.

But there’s more to JoJo’s story than just these rumors. She’s known for being a bit of a prankster and loves grabbing people’s attention. Even though people keep talking about it, JoJo keeps saying she’s not pregnant.

She’s focused on her career and all the amazing things she wants to do in the future. Come with us as we dig into the truth behind the rumors and know more about JoJo Siwa.

Is Jojo Siwa married?

JoJo Siwa, who is known for her vibrant personality and immense talent, has been open about her romantic life by revealing her relationships with individuals like Kylie Prew and Avery Cyrus. However, despite these connections, Jojo Siwa hasn’t married with anyone yet.

Jojo Siwa is just 20 years old as of April 2024. JoJo is at a stage in life where she is focused on pursuing her dreams and exploring different avenues.

So, while marriage may be in the cards eventually, for now, JoJo’s priorities lie elsewhere as she continues to navigate her flourishing career and the exciting opportunities it brings her way.

Is Jojo Siwa pregnant in 2024?

JoJo Siwa isn’t pregnant in 2024, even though some people think she is. The talk about Jojo Siwa pregnant started in 2020 when TikTok videos said JoJo shared a pregnancy test on Instagram. JoJo joked about it on TikTok, but people believed it was true.

Then, in 2024, JoJo posted something on Snapchat that made people think she’s pregnant again. But she was just joking around, even though some folks didn’t get it.

JoJo talked about it on TikTok, saying she couldn’t believe people still thought she was pregnant. She made it clear she was just kidding. Looking forward to 2024, JoJo isn’t planning to be a mom yet.

Her social media posts about pregnancy are just for fun. She’s still young at 20 and has lots of things to do before she thinks about having kids. Right now, she’s focused on her career and whatever else she wants to do in life, and her fans are cheering her on.

Jojo Siwa pregnant snap story

Let’s talk about the time everyone thought JoJo Siwa was pregnant because of her Snapchat posts. It all started back in 2020 when some TikTok videos claimed JoJo shared a pregnancy test photo on Instagram. JoJo, being her funny self, made a TikTok video about it, but some folks took it seriously.

Then, in 2024, JoJo posted more Snapchat pictures that made people think she might be pregnant again. But guess what? It was all just a joke! Even though JoJo was just having fun, some people thought it was real, and the rumor about he pregnancy spread like wildfire.

Later on, JoJo went on TikTok to clear things up. She couldn’t believe how much people were talking about her fake pregnancy. JoJo loves a good prank, and she’s definitely not expecting a baby.

Why is Jojo Siwa pretending to be pregnant?

JoJo Siwa is joking about being pregnant as a prank. It all began with some TikTok videos in 2020 claiming she shared a pregnancy test photo on Instagram. JoJo humorously addressed these rumors on TikTok, but some took it seriously.

In 2024, JoJo posted more Snapchat pictures, sparking pregnancy speculation again. However, it was all in good fun. Despite some believing it, JoJo clarified on TikTok that she’s not pregnant and loves pulling harmless pranks. So, it’s just her way of keeping things entertaining for her fans.

What was the public’s reaction?

After rumors surfaced about JoJo Siwa being pregnant, the public had mixed reactions. Some criticized JoJo for joking about pregnancy, calling it insensitive to those struggling with infertility.

Others felt uncomfortable with JoJo’s actions, believing she shouldn’t have perpetuated the rumors. JoJo addressed the speculation on Snapchat, discussing her future plans for having children but not divulging explicit details.

Jojo Siwa emphasized the biological aspect of needing both male and female partners for conception and mentioned the possibility of not having a male significant other in her life.

When did the ‘Jojo Siwa Pregnant’ rumors erupted?

The rumors about JoJo Siwa being pregnant started circulating in the spring of 2023. It all began when JoJo posted photos on Snapchat showing her cradling her stomach. While some fans saw it as a joke, others weren’t happy, feeling it was insensitive to those facing fertility and pregnancy challenges.

JoJo didn’t directly address these rumors or the criticism, which led to ongoing speculation. However, she eventually posted a TikTok video where she denied the rumors, laughing them off while holding her stomach. Many took this as confirmation that she wasn’t expecting.

Despite this denial, JoJo continued to playfully joke about pregnancy on social media. She shared Snapchat posts with captions like “team boy or team girl” and “father of my baby,” along with images of baby clothes. These antics added fuel to the rumor mill, but it’s clear that JoJo’s posts were all in jest, and she isn’t actually pregnant.

Why did Jojo Siwa pregnancy rumors came back?

In 2024, it’s possible that these rumors came back because JoJo herself wanted them to resurface. That’s one theory, at least. This time around, it’s not just about JoJo joking with her fans or poking fun at those who jump to conclusions about a normal body. Some believe JoJo might have intentionally stirred up attention because she’s releasing new music.

JoJo Siwa released ‘Karma’ on Friday, April 5

“Karma” is a single by JoJo Siwa. The accompanying music video features JoJo sporting her signature edgy style in some scenes and being surrounded by talented dancers in others.

When artists release new music, they often go all out to grab attention and remind everyone of their presence. JoJo did just that recently. But was it a misstep?

Who is Jojo Siwa?

For those who may not be familiar with the world of pop culture, JoJo Siwa, whose real name is Joelle Joanie Siwa, has become a sensation on YouTube and is widely recognized on the internet.

Known for her upbeat personality, videos geared towards children, and impressive dance skills, JoJo has become one of the most popular online personalities.

With a massive following of over 11.4 million on Instagram, she holds significant influence. Beyond being an influencer on Instagram, JoJo has appeared on various television shows including Dance Moms, Dancing with the Stars, and So You Think You Can Dance.

Her success goes beyond social media, making her a highly sought-after celebrity in the entertainment industry.


In conclusion, despite all the talk, JoJo Siwa isn’t going to have a baby. Since the first rumors on TikTok in 2020 to her recent playful posts on Snapchat, it’s obvious JoJo likes to joke around. She’s more focused on her career right now, so becoming a mom isn’t in her plans.

From being a popular YouTuber to appearing on TV, JoJo has won over millions of fans with her lively personality and talent. Even though there have been rumors now and then, her fans keep supporting her, excited to see what she does next.

So, even though people talked about her being pregnant, JoJo is sticking to her dreams and keeping her fans entertained. Let’s keep cheering her on as she continues to shine and do what she loves.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jojo Siwa married?

No, Jojo Siwa is not married. Despite her public relationships, she hasn’t tied the knot with anyone as of April 2024. Currently, she’s prioritizing her career and exploring various opportunities.

Is Jojo Siwa pregnant?

No, Jojo Siwa is not pregnant in 2024. Although rumors surfaced, sparked by her Snapchat posts, they were merely playful jokes. Jojo clarified on TikTok that she’s not expecting a baby and is focusing on her career at the age of 20.

Why is Jojo Siwa pretending to be pregnant?

Jojo Siwa jokingly pretends to be pregnant as part of her playful nature and sense of humor. It all started with TikTok videos in 2020, which she addressed humorously. She continues to engage in such antics for fun and entertainment, clarifying that they are harmless pranks.

When did the ‘Jojo Siwa Pregnant’ rumors erupted?

The rumors about Jojo Siwa being pregnant first emerged in the spring of 2023 when she posted photos on Snapchat cradling her stomach. Despite her denial, speculation persisted, fueled by her playful social media posts.

Why did Jojo Siwa pregnancy rumors come back?

In 2024, the pregnancy rumors resurfaced, possibly because Jojo herself wanted them to. Some speculate that she stirred up attention due to the release of her new music, indicating her intentional involvement in the rumors.

Who is Jojo Siwa?

Jojo Siwa, whose real name is Joelle Joanie Siwa, is a popular figure on YouTube and social media. Known for her vibrant personality, children-oriented content, and impressive dancing skills, she has amassed a significant following. Beyond social media, Jojo has appeared on various TV shows, establishing herself as a sought-after celebrity in the entertainment industry

Is Jojo Siwa really having a baby?

No, Jojo Siwa is not having a baby. Despite rumors and playful social media posts suggesting otherwise, Jojo has clarified that she’s not pregnant. At the age of 20, she is focused on her career and has no plans for motherhood at the moment.

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