Bandman Kevo Surgery: What Happened and Why


If you listen to rap music, you may have probably heard about Bandman Kevo. Bandman Kevo is an American rapper known for his tracks like “Baller in Me” and “Baller in Me 2.” A few years ago, Chicago rapper Bandman Kevo went viral for announcing his plastic surgery.

On June 3, 2022, Bandman Kevo revealed that he had undergone abdominal and waist liposuction, as well as Brazilian Butt lift surgery. In his Instagram post, he said that although he had been working out hard and keeping fit, he couldn’t get to show off the abs that he wanted. So, he decided to undergo the surgery, and as a result, he dropped from 284 to 220 pounds.

If you want to know what was the public reaction after his surgery, stay tuned. Not only this, there are so many interesting details to follow about Bandman Kevo’s surgery like what happened to him and why he was motivated to undergo the liposuction. Let’s get started.

Details About Bandman Kevo Surgery

The details about Bandman Kevo Surgery were confirmed in June 2022 when BandMan Kevo posted before and after photos of himself. Kevo said that he had undergone 360 liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift because of the extra fat he had all over his belly.

360 liposuction is the process that involves removing fat from the back, from the upper and lower abdomen, and from the waist and sides using a surgical procedure to make abs appear more prominently. So, it’s quite painful to imagine what Kevo had gone through.

Kevo gave this statement when he was asked about his surgery:

“I was working out hard and still couldn’t lose my stomach so I went to @insta_p_h_a_m,” wrote Kevo. “I was 284 now I’m 220, but you have to still work out hard and most rappers and gone tell you the sauce If your lady needs her body done I might pay for yours and hers too.”

Reasons for the Surgery

After his new physique started going viral, Bandman Kevo opened up about what motivated him to turn to plastic surgery. In the Off The Record podcast with DJ Akademiks, Kevo explained that he got liposuction surgery because of his unfaithful past relationships.

Kevo said that he got cheated on a lot with guys with better bodies. He said that he understood that and didn’t feel bad. He added that, in most cases, his money and luxury lifestyle didn’t play a factor in his partners’ choices. His girlfriends would go out with guys who couldn’t match him financially.

Speculation and Rumors

Many of Kevo’s fans started speculating about his surgery after he posted pictures of himself shirtless on his trip to Turks and Caicos. And after the official announcement, there have been several rumors about the Bandman Kevo Surgery.

Many of his fans supported him for being honest. He has also received backlash from several fans. Some of the fans said that it’s the girls who do liposuctions and called it the “daddy do-over.” Bandman Kevo stated that it’s a trend that isn’t being talked about. Regarding this, he stated: ‘Most rappers [ain’t] gonna tell you the sauce,’.

In the comment section of his post, Kevo responded to fans about his new body. After one user simply commented, “Yo wth (what the h*ll), Kevo responded with a crying laughing emoji. 

Then another user then said, “@ bandman_kevo ain’t nun wrong with it. At least you are telling the truth.” Kevo replied, “@ phfame yea these other rappers ain’t gone say nothing.”

Many people believed that this painful surgery was not necessary for Kevo, as he was rich and successful after all. But, some fans agreed that it’s his right to decide what’s good and what’s bad.

Recovery and Aftermath

Currently, Bandmand Kevo has already recovered from the surgery, and he is living a chilled life. Kevo has opened up about how this cosmetic surgery has changed his life for the better.

Kevo said that he’s happy with the results and he even joked about taking advantage of the haters by handing out lipo and BBL giveaways to them.

He stated :  “ I can now go overseas and take my shirt off. It’s better, I just feel better.” 

Bandman Kevo even said that he might do the surgery again if he wants to make his body even better.

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Bandman Kevo’s surgery isn’t just about looks. It’s about accepting yourself and breaking stereotypes in hip-hop. Some like how honest he is, but others wonder if surgery is necessary for success.

Despite different views, Kevo’s journey is about taking control of your body and story. It shows that real strength is embracing who you are, flaws and all.

Looking ahead, Kevo’s surgery marks a new chapter. It inspires others to be true to themselves in a genre where image matters.

In the end, Kevo’s story teaches us to embrace our truth for real empowerment. As he grows, his journey reminds us to stay true to ourselves and challenge norms, one step at a time.


What did Bandman Kevo get done?

Bandman Kevo underwent abdominal and waist liposuction, along with Brazilian Butt lift surgery.

What does a 360 lipo include?

A 360 lipo typically involves removing fat from the back, upper and lower abdomen, and waist and sides to enhance the appearance of abs.

Why did Bandman Kevo decide to undergo plastic surgery?

Bandman Kevo underwent plastic surgery to enhance his physique, particularly his abdominal area, despite his efforts to stay fit through exercise.

Did Bandman Kevo face any complications during or after the surgery?

There’s no public information suggesting that Bandman Kevo faced any complications during or after the surgery. He has since recovered and appears to be doing well.

How long does it take to recover from the type of surgery Bandman Kevo underwent?

Recovery time can vary depending on individual factors and the extent of the procedures performed. However, it typically takes several weeks to months to fully recover from liposuction and Brazilian Butt lift surgery.

Are there any risks associated with the type of surgery Bandman Kevo underwent?

Like any surgical procedure, liposuction and Brazilian Butt lift surgery carry some risks, including infection, scarring, and uneven results. However, these risks can be minimized by choosing a qualified and experienced surgeon.

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